WWE Title Rematch Taking Place On Tonight’s Smackdown Live

For those who did not tune in to the WWE Network after Raw, or did not read about it on the internet afterwards, Dean Ambrose left last night’s edition of Raw with his WWE Title.

During their WWE Title match, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins both had each other in pin attempts where both men’s shoulders were on the ground. The referee counted to three which led to confusion as to who won. Raw’s airing on the USA Network ended with Stephanie McMahon declaring Rollins the winner and new WWE Champion. Rollins celebrated with the WWE Title on the stage while Ambrose, Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley all looked puzzled in the ring. The fallout continued on the WWE Network as everyone watched a replay of the final moments of the match when both men’s shoulders were on the mat. Lillian Garcia announced that the match was a draw, which means that Ambrose is still the WWE Champion.

You can watch all of this unfolding below.

In a exclusive after Raw, Shane and Stephanie McMahon argued some more backstage which lead to them agreeing on a WWE Title rematch between Ambrose and Rollins on tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live. You can watch that exchange below.

Mark’s reaction: After this announcement, I definitely see Rollins and Ambrose being selected as the first picks for both Raw and Smackdown. That way the WWE Title rematch will be for which show gets the WWE Champion, even though it doesn’t really matter that much since both Rollins and Ambrose will be fighting each other and Roman Reigns this Sunday for the WWE Title at Battleground.

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