WWE Thinking About Offering Multiple Price Tiers For WWE Network

World Wrestling Entertainment’s Chief Strategy & Financial Officer (CFO) George Barrios partook in a presentation at the Bernstein Global Future of Media & Telecom Summit in Boston, Massachusetts yesterday (June 21). The WWE Network is currently being offered for $9.99. However, during the presentation, Barrios mentioned that he could see the WWE Network offering different price tiers in the future.

Here are some tweets from Brandon Howard with more info.

Mark’s reaction: I think it’s an interesting idea that could potentially be successful for WWE in the future. Since the WWE Network offers so many hours of content and original programming, it makes sense that not everyone will be able to watch a lot of it or are even interested in particular programming at all. As Barrios mentions above, maybe there are people who are only interested in a smaller bunch of WWE content, such as their original programming. Maybe WWE offers a smaller subscription fee that allows people to just view some of their original content. The price of $9.99 can offer what its offering now, while maybe they add a higher price tier that offers Raw and Smackdown replays the day after they air live on the USA Network. Currently, the WWE Network is always about a month behind on adding Raw and Smackdown episodes; so that may be a pretty interesting incentive for some people.

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