Report: The Miz Re-signs with WWE for Four More Years

Fear not, WWE Universe: the Era of Awesomeness will be sticking around for the foreseeable future, as The Miz recently re-signed with WWE according to Mike Johnson at PWInsider.

According to the report, The Miz signed on for a four-year extension that will see him staying with the WWE until at least 2022 when the Miz will be 42 years old. One of the more interesting details to emerge is that WWE was actually interested in signing him to a longer deal, but ultimately both sides agreed to four years.

From his beginnings as a reality-TV-star and upsetting the WWE locker room, to his unlikely WWE Championship reign and being named Rolling Stone’s 2017 Wrestler of the Year, The Miz has had plenty of ups-and-downs throughout his career yet still manages to bounce back every time, better than before. It’s even to the point where his golden touch extends to anyone who has joined him on-screen, from Damien Sandow (MEMBER MIZDOW? OH I MEMBER!) to Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

With the former Tough Enough contestant in the midst of his eighth Intercontinental Championship reign (only one behind record holder Chris Jericho, and only behind Tito Santana and Pedro Morales for total days as IC Champ all-time) and expected to land a major slot at this year’s WrestleMania, on top of the debut of “Miz & Mrs.” on the USA Network later this year with his wife Maryse and the imminent birth of their first daughter, the re-signing couldn’t come at a better time.

Could we be witnessing The Miz once again rising to the main event scene?

Tommy’s Thoughts: “FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!” This is one of those times where I hope WWE actually brings up a re-signing on-air: imagine The Miz using his Elimination Chamber qualifying victory as the WWE’s proof for needing to lock him down, with The Miztourage chanting in support behind him. Even if it was just to parade him out to hype the Elimination Chamber and eat a Superman Punch, I’m dying for another “Miz thanks himself while ripping the crowd cheering him” promo. They NEVER disappoint, especially with Miz’s ability to turn the crowd on a dime.

Fantasy booking aside: I’m stoked for the continuing adventures of Mike Mizanin in the WWE. Ever since The Miz was just an impression of The Rock to piss off his roommates on The Real World: Back to New York, I’ve been a Mizfit. (I’m so sorry for reminding you all of that catchphrase.)

Hell, I’m still upset that y’all voted for DANIEL EFFING PUDER over him to win Tough Enough. And for those of you wondering “Who the hell is Daniel Puder?”, exactly my point. And everyone who said The Miz would be Marty Jannetty while Johnny Nitro/Morrison/Mundo/Impact/Appleseed would be the Shawn Michaels of their team??

Anyways, good for him for actually signing for a shorter deal than what was offered at the start. No doubt the dude will deserve another raise in 2022, hopefully after enough run on top.

Now for the real question: How many more sequels to The Marine did he sign for??