WWE Teasing That The Authority Could Return on Monday’s Raw

This Monday’s Raw is the last episode before the May 1 Payback pay-per-view event. While it’s not known at this time if Shane McMahon will be “in charge” for the fourth consecutive week, it has been teased by that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon aka The Authority are going to return to telvision on Raw. Both Triple H and Stephanie have been off television since Hunter lost the WWE Title to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania on April 3.

Here’s what was posted on about The Authority’s possible return.

“Shane McMahon continued his hot streak across the pond in London, running his third consecutive Raw thanks to the unbelievable support of the WWE Universe. However, Monday night’s hottest show now ventures to Hartford, Conn., mere minutes from The Authority’s offices in WWE Headquarters.

We haven’t seen Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Raw since WrestleMania, nor have we gotten their thoughts on Shane-O-Mac’s job performance. Will The Authority arrive to put an end to Shane’s new era, or will they actually deem him “best for business” at the helm of Raw?”

There will likely be more info about this topic on Monday afternoon. For now, all we can do is speculate on their possible return.

Just because Triple H hasn’t been on TV does not mean he has been away from WWE. He filled in on some recent WWE shows on the European tour and posted pics about it too.

TJR Thoughts: With all due respect to Triple H and Stephanie, I haven’t missed them at all. I’m not saying they are bad performers. It’s just that The Authority storyline that has dominated WWE (mainly Raw) since the summer of 2013 has run its course. It’s boring. They needed to do something to change things up. Having Shane McMahon as the good guy authority figure has been fine because he’s well liked, he can talk and he has credibility since his last name is McMahon. The problem with the whole thing is that he lost at WrestleMania, which should have meant he’s not running the show.

Perhaps they have figured out something they can say to explain this angle. Have Vince McMahon bring out Shane, tell him he’s done a good job and then Hunter & Steph return to set up the power struggle angle. It’s an easy angle to do. We just want it to make sense.

The last three weeks of Raw have been above average with the show two weeks ago earning my highest score for Raw this year.

I’ll have a news update up on Monday early in the day and also a live Raw Deal on Monday night to cover it all. Let’s hope the positive momentum continues.