WWE Teasing Dudley Boyz Retirement On Tonight’s Episode Of Raw

The Dudley Boyz stated on Twitter earlier today that they will be saying goodbye to WWE and the WWE Universe on tonight’s episode of Raw. After The Dudley Boyz tweeted this, posted an article teasing the retirement of The Dudley Boyz as well.

Although The Dudley Boyz retirement is being teased, it is purely for storyline purposes as both Bubba Ray and Devon signed contract extensions with WWE few weeks ago. As for what this can mean for The Dudley Boyz storyline, it is possible that they will be splitting up as a tag team.

PWMania recently reported that there has been backstage talk for a while about splitting up the Dudley’s. The report also mentioned that we were suppose to be seeing the start of the Dudley’s split at SummerSlam. During their match against Sami Zayn and Neville on the SummerSlam Kickoff Show, The Dudley Boyz lost. Toward the end of the match, Bubba accidentally clotheslined Devon and the commentary team noted that miscommunication continues to be a problem with The Dudley Boyz.

Mark’s reaction: If The Dudley Boyz do get split up, it may not be as bad of an idea as initially thought. Bubba Ray and Devon have become glorified jobbers in the tag team division, losing some matches on Raw in only a few minutes.

I could see Bubba Ray as the type singles competitor he was in TNA as the Bully Ray character. He did some good heel work in TNA as a singles star, so maybe that’s the route WWE takes with him. As far as Devon goes, I don’t have a clue as to how WWE could use him. Maybe team him up with a younger wrestler to form a new tag team? That’s the only real option I see as I doubt WWE will push Devon as a singles competitor, nor do I think he should be pushed as one.

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