WWE Table for 3 with Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette & Michael Hayes Airing Monday May 29 on WWE Network

A new edition of “Table for 3” will air on WWE Network this Monday night after Raw this week. The three men at the table for three this time are Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette and WWE Hall of Famer Michael Hayes. That means it will air at around 11:10pmET this Monday, May 29 and will be available on demand after.

It was taped during WrestleMania weekend. Hayes confirmed the airing on Twitter.

It should be an interesting dynamic because Bischoff and Cornette have clashed over the years. Cornette spoke about on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast last month:

“Eric did not remember why we had only spoken once in 24 years. At the top of the Table for 3, I reminded him of that and we did a little jousting back-and-forth and then we got onto other topics and Michael was an excellent moderator. We talked for an hour-and-a-half and I understand that the program goes about half of that time so I don’t know if it is going to be a two-parter or I don’t know if it is going to be cut up or what and I really don’t know when it is going to air. There was some tension, but at the end Eric and I managed to bond over our mutual hatred for the biggest idiot in the history of wrestling, Vince Russo. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend and Eric and I were able to come to an agreement regardless of what we thought of each other in the past.”

It will be fun to watch. Cornette is not shy. It will definitely be worth a watch.

Here’s a clip of Cornette talking about it.

Check out our past reviews of WWE Table for 3 in our archive here. I’ll write a recap of that show at some point in the next week as well.