WWE Superstar Shakeup Rumors: The Club May Head To Smackdown, Banks, Charlotte, Bliss & More

It seems that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are rumored to head over to SmackDown Live for a Club reunion with the phenomenal AJ Styles, and that Sasha Banks could be traded to the brand in exchange for Alexa Bliss, all according to a new report from PWI on next week’s Superstar Shakeup.

This does contradict the recent report from the Observer (that I wrote about yesterday here) which noted that AJ Styles was rumored to be heading to Monday Night Raw. Most likely, it’s probably an ongoing discussion where WWE is weighing the pros and cons of AJ on each brand.

I also mentioned that Alexa Bliss could be a prime candidate to switch brands considering that she already lost her championship rematch, so the rumors of her switching over definitely feel plausible. Sasha Banks to Smackdown is definitely an interesting development, and one that I honestly doubt will actually come to fruition considering that she still has unfinished business with Bayley, even more so if she turns heel soon. Nevertheless, the rumor, for now, is that those two will switch brands. Keep in mind though that PWI also does mention that the initial rumor of Charlotte switching shows was something actually pitched. It could still be an idea in the works.

Rob’s Hot-Take:

Adding The Club to SmackDown and reuniting them with AJ Styles would certainly be another strong way to inject some life into the tag division. The rumor yesterday was that it would be The New Day switching over for AJ, so it feels that WWE creative is certainly attempting to reunite The Club in some fashion while also boosting other areas that the blue brand is lacking in. We may not know who is going where definitively yet, but their intentions are crystal clear. I will also be surprised if Sasha is the woman moved to SmackDown over Charlotte, who feels like the obvious choice.

The Superstar Shakeup will unfold over the course of two nights, set for next week’s episodes of Raw and SmackDown.