WWE Star Paige Comments On Recent Hacking; Alberto El Patron Discusses Their Wedding

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige, who has been out of action for several months following neck surgery, posted her first public statement since the hacking scandal that happened a few weeks ago. There were private photos and videos of Paige with former WWE performer Brad Maddox as well as current WWE star Xavier Woods participating in explicit sexual acts. They were released because somebody hacked Paige’s iCloud storage or something to that effect. Other famous women have been hacked too.

Paige decided to take to Twitter on Monday to address the situation. She wrote about how she made a huge mistake in trusting someone that took advantage of her (I assume she means Maddox) and also wanting to find who did this to her. She also spoke about “cowards behind the keyboard” that took shots at her because of what happened. In the end, she also wrote about her upcoming wedding to Alberto El Patron – the couple is getting married on Wednesday. Here’s her three images she posted as tweets, which are three images she posted late Monday night.

Very well said by Paige. What happened to her was an invasion of privacy and should never happen to anybody no matter who they are or how famous they are.

Paige’s soon to be husband Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio in WWE), who now works for Impact Wrestling, posted on Instagram about their wedding on Wednesday. Check that out here:

Let me start by saying that all I want is for people to be happy. If they are happy together (and it sounds like they are) then that’s great. However, his message comes off as very negative while talking about being harassed by a company and perhaps he’s suggesting that they (I assume he means WWE) were trying to destroy him and Paige as a couple. He also mentioned the wedding on Wednesday, but did so in a way where he called people pieces of shit and telling the “hatters” (should be “haters” there) to go f**k yourself. It’s not exactly the most polite message of happiness that I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, I do wish the couple the best and hope their marriage gives them a lot of joy for many years to come. I’m not a hater (or “hatter”) by any means. I hope they can move on from what happened two weeks ago and live a prosperous life together.