WWE Smackdown Live Viewership Up Significantly From Last Week; Ties Raw Numbers

The Tuesday night premiere of Smackdown Live on the USA Network, which featured the WWE Draft and a WWE Title rematch between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, drew 3.170 million viewers. This means Smackdown tied Raw this week since Monday’s (July 18) edition of Raw also averaged 3.170 million viewers.

This is a huge number for Smackdown as the viewership increased 53% from last week’s (July 14) edition of Smackdown. It is also the highest viewed episode of Smackdown since February 7, 2014.

Mark’s reaction: It’s inevitable that next week’s Smackdown viewership will drop, but it should be interesting to see how much it drops by. It will also be exciting to see if, leading up to SummerSlam, Smackdown can provide compelling television that will keep its viewership numbers even with or close to Raw’s. Raw definitely has the stronger roster coming out of the draft, but Smackdown has some heavy hitters too, as well as a two hour show working in their favor. Both brands rosters will still be changing throughout the rest of the year with potential trades and NXT call-ups, so don’t count the blue brand out just yet.

Source – Showbuzz Daily

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