WWE Smackdown Live Event Results from Vancouver, BC on Feb. 2

Here is a recap of the WWE Smackdown live event in Vancouver, BC last night (February 2nd). Thanks to Jeremy in Vancouver (@604Jeremy on Twitter) for the results. The photo above comes from WWE’s Instagram account. Take it away, Jeremy.


The top section of the arena was not in use. I noticed a lot of Becky Lynch and Rusev shirts in the crowd. The crowd seems to be about 90% full for what’s available.

The New Day defeated The Bar

Big pop for New Day. Big E got Charles Robinson to rotate them hips before the match, which was funny. New Day won with Midnight Hour in about twenty minutes.

Jeff Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin got an okay reaction. Shelton got a minute of our time and he made an open challenge. Jeff Hardy gets a monster pop. Jeff got a “Delete” chant going. Short match. Jeff won with a Swanton Bob after two Twist of Fates. The crowd liked it.

Carmella and Kairi Sane defeated The Iiconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay)

The Iiconics did iconic or not. They double-teamed Carmella before the bell rings while Carmella tried to fight them both. Kairi Sane entered to a massive pop. Holla holla it’s a tag match. Mella won with her submission.

United States Title: R-Truth (w/Carmella) defeated Rusev (w/Lana) and Shinsuke Nakamura in a Triple Threat match

R-Truth came out. He cut a promo about how he’s thankful to be champ. Led a “What’s Up” chant. We got a dance break.

There were lots of “Lana is the best, Lana number one” chants. Most of the heels have been getting face reactions. Truth wins with a ROLLUP OF DEATH~! after Carmella interfered with Lana. After the match, there was another dance break with some kids from the crowd.

Smackdown Women’s Title: Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair

Asuka comes out to a nice pop. Charlotte comes out to the woos and cuts a promo on Asuka about last year’s WrestleMania trying to get heat. Charlotte mainly gets woos. Charlotte says Becky Lynch isn’t coming. Becky chants up the wazoo. Chants for Becky don’t stop. Can’t stop. Charlotte has a moonsault blocked, into submission. Charlotte applies the Lion Tamer submission. Nice. Asuka goes Shinsuke for a minute with a Kinshasa followed by a “come on” taunt. Charlotte with a spear for a nearfall. Asuka with the Asuka lock for the win. They got nearly half an hour and had a great match.


Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Sanity

Gallows and Anderson won in under ten minutes with the Magic Killer double team finisher.

Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade

Rey with the biggest pop so far. Andrade can get that heat. Lots of back and forth. Andrade landed two of three amigos. Rey with the 619 and the Frog Splash to win. Fun match.

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (w/Rowan) defeated Samoa Joe and Mustafa Ali in a Triple Threat match

Vancouver is all in on the hemp WWE belt held by Bryan. Lots of “Joe” and “yes” chants. Sweet tower of doom spot leads to a near fall byJoe. Rowan runs in, Bryan lands the flying knee on Ali for the pinfall win. Bryan wins the match in about half an hour. Very good showing by all three guys. Big “Joe” chant to end the show. He gives us the middle finger. Awesome.

Biggest pops:
Daniel Bryan
Rey Mysterio
New Day
Kairi Sane

Most heat:
Shelton Benjamin


Thanks to Jeremy for sending us those results. If you go to a WWE live event and want to send us results, email me at and I will post them as long as the notes have some details in them. You can also contact me on Twitter @johnreport as well.