WWE: Sheamus and Cesaro Comment on Their Tag Team Success

Following the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble where The Bar recaptured the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships for the 4th time, Tom Fordy of The Sun had the chance to sit down with Sheamus & Cesaro.

With their current run, Sheamus is having the time of his life:

“I feel like since tagging with Cesaro, I’ve let my guard down. “I’ve just had fun. I don’t think about promos, I don’t think about backstage scenes, I just go out there and be me.”

From their Best-of-7 feud to multi-time tag champs, Cesaro echoed the sentiment of how organic their partnership has played out in front of the WWE Universe, as well as behind-the-scenes:

“From the moment Mick Foley made us a team until now, what you saw on TV is exactly what happened. We grew together as a team and the chemistry just evolved. Now we’re best friends – we’re like brothers.”

When it came to their various injuries throughout 2017, whether it was the stitches Sheamus required the week before WrestleMania 33 or Cesaro’s infamous relocated teeth at No Mercy this past September, Cesaro said:

“We take care of each other. I took care of Sheamus when he had a hole in his head – and he took care of me when I had no teeth.

If one of us have a bad day, the other lifts him up. If one of us falls, the other picks him up. That’s how we do it. It’s just been the best.”

As a former 2-time WWE and 2-time World Heavyweight Champion who holds title victories over John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns, Sheamus continued to praise his partner in The Bar as renewing his career:

“Since tagging with Cesaro it’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And that’s when it clicks, when you’re not overthinking stuff. We just go out there and have fun, because life’s too short.”

Tommy’s Thoughts: Just like the fact that a good percentage of the world hates me for being a fan of BRIEEEEE MODDDDEEEEEEE~~~!!!!!, the same can be said about my opinion of Sheamus since the YOU LOOK STUPID! era. Totally redeemed the Daniel Bryan/J.O.B. Squad treatment.

Plus, anyone who makes Roman Reigns cry gets an automatic nomination for sainthood.

On a similar note of awesomeness: Cesaro doesn’t need any more praise. It’s at the point where I’m beginning to think that my presence in the Cesaro Section actually devalues him: he’s consistently been able to make something out of nothing, whether it’s pulling highlight reel moments out of The Great Khali…

…Or helping Big Show cosplay as Your Younger Sibling While Wrestling On The Couch…

Here’s hoping that they get the chance to showcase why they are The Bar on the main show come WrestleMania time. Bonus points if a Jeff Hardy return doesn’t screw them for a second year-in-a-row.

Extra bonus points if we get The Bar vs. The Revival: can you say “slobberknocker”?