WWE: Shane McMahon “Tell All” Podcast Hosted By Mick Foley On WWE Network May 23

WWE announced on Tuesday that Shane McMahon will be interviewed by Mick Foley for a “Tell All” Podcast that will air on WWE Network on Monday May 23 following Raw that night. They sent out an email with the announcement. At least that’s how I found about it.

Analysis: There’s no word yet on why WWE is having Foley do the interview when they have had Steve Austin and Chris Jericho do interviews in the past. I also have no idea why they would call it a podcast if it’s just an interview on WWE Network. A podcast is basically like a radio show on the internet. If you have cameras on the guys then it’s a video interview not a podcast. Right? I think I’m right there.

Perhaps WWE is interested in launching their own podcast network and this is the start of it. Austin and Jericho have podcasts as part of their deals with Podcast One. I’m not sure what the plan is. Another possibility is that it’s an in-character interview, which Austin likely wouldn’t be interested in and Jericho’s a heel character, so makes sense to not include him. If it’s an in-character thing it won’t be as good.

Foley should be good as an interviewer since he’s well informed, will likely do the research to ask interesting questions and obviously he’s known Shane for about twenty years.

Are you excited for it? Comment below.