WWE: Seth Rollins Begins Physical Therapy; Comments From Rollins & His Doctor

After suffering from an ACL/MCL/meniscus injury at a WWE Live Event a few weeks ago and subsequently undergoing surgery, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has recently begun physical therapy on his knee at Champion Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama. recently got to speak with Dr. Kevin Wilk, the Associate Clinical Director at Champion Sports Medicine, and Rollins himself about how physical therapy has been going thus far. Dr. Wilk mentioned how Rollins comes in twice a day and each therapy session lasts about 2 and a half hours.

Rollins gives his thoughts on the progress he’s been making and the difficulty of his therapy sessions:

“The progress I’ve made so far is pretty good. The rehab’s starting to get a little tedious as far as the day-to-day repetition of everything and the slow progression but every day is getting better you know I can see myself doing things in the afternoon even that I couldn’t do in the morning sometimes.”

When asked about the strain of the rehab session Rollins answered: “The therapy sessions are really brutal; a lot worse than I expected them to be.”

Although the 5 hours of rehabbing has been tough, Dr. Wilk mentions how Rollins has stayed very motivated and wants to get back in the ring as fast as possible. Dr. Wilk talks about how Rollins is currently “ahead of the course” and recovering faster than other professional athletes who have undergone the same surgery and rehab.

Mark’s reaction:

Let the road to Seth Rollins’ babyface comeback begin. It’s nice to get an update on Rollins’ physical health as his injury was one that was sudden and took a lot of people (WWE included) by shock. Being sidelined for 6-9 months has to be such a jarring lifestyle change for Rollins. It’s good to hear though that he’s staying positive, working hard, and keeping focused on returning better than ever. He’s currently due back right around SummerSlam time. I’m sure the Brooklyn crowd at the Barclay’s Center will give Seth the big “welcome home” reaction he deserves.

I fully expect the WWE to keep these “Seth Rollins update” videos coming throughout his recovery to get people excited for his return and to get those who aren’t buying “good guy Seth” just yet, to see how his injury has humbled him and made him a better person. I know it’s early, but who would you like to see Seth feud with upon his return? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.