WWE Selling “Los Angeles 3:16” Shirts at Raw; Steve Austin Appearing?

In what should only be classified as a rumor at this point, it’s possible that WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin may be appearing on WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.

The reason for the speculation is that the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE would be selling “Los Angeles 3:16” shirts at Raw. What wrestler is associated with 3:16? Steve Austin, of course, thanks to his memorable “Austin 3:16” speech from June 1996.

To update that story, the WWEShop Twitter account shared the following tweet this morning trying to suggest to fans that they should get merchandise using their express service. The interesting part of that is they featured the Los Angeles 3:16 shirt in the graphic.

I don’t know if Austin will be on Raw, but he lives in Los Angeles and usually goes when Raw is in town, so it’s a possibility. Austin hasn’t been on Raw in a very long time, so it would be a big deal to see him there.