WWE Rumors: John Cena and Edge May Return to the Ring in 2020

The road to Wrestlemania is fast approaching, and there are rumors going around that two of the biggest names in WWE history may be returning for it.

WrestleVotes is reporting that they are hearing that John Cena is interested in competing in an actual match this year at Wrestlemania 36 in Tampa, FL. Cena made an appearance at last year’s Wrestlemania in an in-ring promo with Elias, but has not wrestled an actual match since January 14th when he along with Drew McIntyre lost a triple threat match to Finn Balor.


That makes sense that Cena would have more of an interest in wrestling due to WrestleMania being in Tampa where he lives.

John Cena isn’t the only legend that is rumored to be returning to the ring, as PWInsider’s Mike Johnson is reporting that Edge may be returning as soon as the Royal Rumble next month. Edge reportedly has signed a new deal with WWE that has a pretty nice upside. Also it was reported several months ago that Edge was in Pittsburgh on WWE business, which is also the home of WWE Wellness Policy head Dr. Joseph Maroon. It is worth noting that Edge has denied these reports in the past, so as of now this is just a rumor.

Edge’s wife is Beth Phoenix, who has a regular weekly role in WWE as part of the NXT announce team every Wednesday night.

Edge hasn’t wrestled since he was forced to retire in 2011 due to a neck injury that he had surgery on during his career. Apparently, he could be healed enough now that he can compete again.

Matt’s Musings: Either or both of these legendary superstars returning to the ring would be amazing for both WWE and its fans. Fingers crossed that there is truth to both of these rumors.