WWE Rumor: Tough Enough Runner Up Amanda Secures Deal?

There are rumors circulating that Amanda Saccomanno, who placed second in this season’s Tough Enough, has been signed by World Wrestling Entertainment.

As well as carrying on her training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, after the show has finished, she has been backstage at TV tapings, including the Raw that emanated from Baltimore just this past week.^tfw

Coincide that with being pictured with some of the cast of the reality show Total Divas that were filming in Baltimore, and Naomi’s admission that she wouldn’t be taking part in the new season, it looks set that Amanda will very possibly take her place on the show.

WWE has also brought back Rosa Mendes for Total Divas. She’s out of action due to being pregnant, yet WWE still wants to fly her to events and put her on Total Divas.

How does that sit with the fellow members of the cast, as Naomi was a very well liked and hard working individual that had a lot of support from the girls. Being given Naomi’s spot could possibly give Amanda even more heat than she already has now. During the filming of the Tough Enough show, there were several instances of personal digs at the eventual winner Sara Lee with Amanda calling her a “ring rat” among other things.

Backstage reports say that WWE officials were high on Amanda from the very beginning of the Tough Enough process and could see she had star potential. Even on the very last Tough Talk (Tough Enough aftershow) of the season, people in WWE thought that the fans had got it wrong.

Ski’s Take – To be quite honest, I’m not that surprised. She has the look that the WWE love in their Divas. What I am surprised about is the bumping of Naomi to maybe, possibly bring in Amanda. Watching the Tough Enough show itself, I didn’t think that Amanda had that much of a personality. Maybe the “semi-scripted” Total Divas can bring out her personality and make her a worthwhile addition. Not sure she’s going to be enough to keep people from missing Naomi though.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter