WWE Rumor: Three Big Matches That WWE is Considering for WrestleMania 37

The end of the year means that WrestleMania rumor season is upon us. There’s a big one out there today courtesy of @Wrestlevotes on Twitter, who have certainly gotten a lot of things right in the past few years. They put up a tweet noting that WWE is currently considering three big men’s matches for WrestleMania 37 next year. The three matches are:

* WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs. Bill Goldberg

* Edge vs. Randy Orton

* WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Keith Lee

The tweet, as you can see below, did not mention Reigns and McIntyre defending their titles in those matches, but that’s likely what we should expect.

As noted above, it’s not official by any means and things can always change, but apparently, those are three of the matches that WWE has planned for WrestleMania 37 at this point.

It should be noted also that we don’t know if WrestleMania 37 will take place on the originally announced March 28, 2021 date or if WWE might move it back. It’s likely going to take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa where this year’s WrestleMania was supposed to be. Due to COVID-19, everything changes all the time in 2020 and into next year even with vaccines slowly becoming available in the world. By the time we get to the spring, can there be a decent sized crowd at a show like WrestleMania? Perhaps. We just don’t know right now. I don’t think WWE knows for sure either.

My quick thoughts on the matches:

Reigns vs. Goldberg – We has a post up on the site yesterday with Goldberg calling out Reigns on WWE’s The Bump show, so it’s obviously happening at some point. I guess WrestleMania makes sense although I was hoping for something else for Reigns there like Big E or a fresh opponent. I assume this means Reigns faces Daniel Bryan at one of the PPVs before WrestleMania and Reigns goes into WrestleMania against Goldberg where Reigns hopefully wins.

Edge vs. Randy Orton – This has been rumored by Dave Meltzer for months going back to their “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at Backlash earlier this year. Edge won at WrestleMania, Orton won at Backlash and they’ll have a third match at the next WrestleMania. Edge has been out of action for about seven months at this point with a torn triceps, so he should be back in action early next year perhaps for the Royal Rumble. This one seems the most likely of the three.

Drew McIntyre vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Keith Lee – I know triple threat matches aren’t as liked as singles matches, but it’s okay to be different sometimes. If it was just McIntyre vs. Lee that would be cool with me although I think Lesnar being in the mix again adds to the match since Lesnar is the biggest name of the three and can be used to elevate the other two guys. After all, Lesnar did a fantastic job of putting over McIntyre at Royal Rumble and WrestleMania this year.

I think Reigns, Edge and Lee should win those matches, for the record.

The question is, who wins the Royal Rumble match to set up a title match at WrestleMania? It would have to be Lee, Lesnar or Goldberg. Of those three choices, I really hope it’s Lee because it would elevate him to that main event level if he won the Rumble next year.

Anyway, it’s all rumor for now. I’m sure it’s going to get a lot of the internet wrestling fans talking about the possibilities of what may happen.