WWE Rumor: Shawn Michaels May Return for Tag Team Match in November

This week on Raw, the best segment on the show was when Shawn Michaels was in the ring doing a promo about how he thinks Triple H will beat The Undertaker at the Australian Super Show-Down event on October 6. The Undertaker showed up as a surprise (he was not advertised, but it was known online that he would be there) and took issue with Michaels thinking that Triple H would win. Undertaker said that he would beat Triple H again like he beat Michaels and that everybody knows it.

During the promo, Michaels also talked about how the reason he has stayed retired since 2010 is out of respect for the stipulation of his WrestleMania 26 match with the Undertaker where if he lost, he would retire. Michaels said he turned down millions of dollars because he didn’t want to cheapen that stipulation. The Undertaker questioned that and wondered if Michaels was telling the truth, or if it was out of fear.

That segment led to people speculating about Michaels having one more match possibly with The Undertaker at WrestleMania next year. At 53 years old, Michaels is in great shape and Undertaker is the same age as him. They always had great matches together, so with the right build and a lot of planning, they could do it again. However, it appears that it will be a lot sooner than WrestleMania.

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer by Dave Meltzer (available via subscription at, Michaels will likely take part in a tag match at the next WWE Saudi Arabia show on November 2. Meltzer explained it like this: “The working idea internally right now is that Michaels is coming out of retirement. Right now it is not for a singles match, and it is targeted, if not scheduled, for Saudi Arabia on 11/2.”

A tag team match at the second WWE Saudi Arabia show? It’s not what most people expected, but Meltzer notes that the Saudi Arabian prince is a fan of WWF from the 1990s and early 2000s, so he may have asked for something like that. Meltzer added that at the Greatest Royal Rumble event earlier in the year, the Prince requested the Undertaker as well as the guy with the cowboy hat (Jim Ross), the guy with the crown (Jerry Lawler), Yokozuna (sorry but he’s dead) and Ultimate Warrior (sorry but he’s dead too). Meltzer adds that since the Saudi shows are bigger financially for WWE than WrestleMania is (WWE gets paid a lot to run the events in Saudi Arabia), so that could be a reason why WWE is calling on Michaels to have at least one more match.

I think it would make sense for Michaels to have a WrestleMania match too, but that’s something people are going to speculate over a lot for the next eight months.

It’s not known yet if the Saudi Arabia show on November 2 will be shown on WWE Network, but I assume it will be because it’s another big event that WWE is running over there.

TJR Thoughts: It’s not known what the tag match would be right now, but I think Michaels and Triple H teaming up against two current heels in WWE would be fine. You could also put Michaels and Undertaker on the same team against two heels. There are a lot of options.