WWE Rumor – New WWE Network Series To Focus On Lightweight Stars

There are some plans in place to develop a new multi-week series that could be airing on the WWE Network in the coming months, according to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer newsletter.

The rumored plans are a possible 10 week episodic run focusing solely on the lighter wrestlers (205lbs or less) that haven’t appeared on WWE or NXT TV, possibly the in the style of a Japanese tournament style, maybe something along the lines of the Best Of The Super Juniors that runs in New Japan Pro Wrestling between every May and June.

Other alternative versions could feature indie wrestlers from other promotions in an Ultimate Fighter type of show, and whoever “got over” would get signed to a developmental deal, or to possibly use “hot indie guys” with existing WWE developmental talents, and use the show to as a way for Manny Andrade (formerly known as La Sombre) to make a big impact on his debut.


Consider it a rumor for now because plans always change, but it’s certainly something to get excited about.

Ski’s Take – I remember a rumor before the WWE Network launching. It was a rumor that was a major reason of hooking me into paying $9.99 a month (yes I’m a Brit, but I was sneaky and had access to the Network from the US launch). The rumor? That the Lightweight/Cruiserweight division will return, have their own show, or at least be prominently featured on the Network.

I grew up in awe of what Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Eddie & Chavo Guerrero, Dean Malenko, Shane Helms were doing week in week out. They weren’t the main event giants, that nine times out of ten, would put on a slow and cumbersome match. No, my guys would go out and steal my attention, the limelight every single time.

So when that rumor floated early 2014, I was as happy as a sugar deprived child in a candy store! Weeks turned into months, which then turned into years, and still no Lightweight/Cruiserweight show. I quietly forgot the rumor…..

Until I woke up this morning, read this news and felt like that child again! I’m super ok with whatever of those plans I mentioned above, but if I had to choose, I would like the tournament style show. It would show a sense of urgency in each match, a showcase for each and every competitor. Maybe the winner is not only crowned the champion, but signed to NXT too?

What do you guys and gals think of this possible news? Happy that a division could be rescued from obscurity, or worried that it would bloat the roster even more?