WWE Rumor: More Backstage Heat On Lana?

There are rumors that WWE diva Lana has more backstage heat right now according to Dave Meltzer from

He reported that Lana has said something in the locker room that has gathered a lot of negative attention. Meltzer has said that “it was probably nothing, except everyone is talking about it.”

During The Rock’s promo last night on Raw in Miami Florida, Rock walked through the backstage area and had a quick interaction with Lana. He spoke about her coming to his hotel room last time they met, and then remarking to Rusev on how “flexible” Lana is, which is a reflection on how far her stock has dropped in the company.

A few months ago, Lana was in hot water with WWE officials due to her Twitter war with Paige, and going public with her real life engagement to Rusev which conflicted her on screen WWE storyline.

Ski’s Take – Lana reappeared at the Royal Rumble when she walked Rusev to the top of the aisle as he went out to participate in the Rumble match itself. She garnered a loud cheer in my household and many of my friends asked where she had been. I pointed them to my report about the heat she received for leaking her engagement last year.

And if reports are true, she obviously hasn’t learnt her lesson and is in hot water again with the company. Again I must stress that there has been no word on what she may or may not have said, but there is no smoke without fire, and Meltzer has been a very good source for many years.