WWE Rumor: Kurt Angle Potentially Wrestling Triple H in Future Match

There are reportedly plans for Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to wrestle Triple H in the near future. This is according to Dave Metlzer on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Angle is currently involved in a storyline on Raw with Corey Graves while Raw’s Commissioner Stephanie McMahon has been on the sidelines since taking a table bump at WrestleMania. WWE is keeping the story quite vague, but what we know so far is that Graves was told information, from someone important, about Angle and how this person dislikes the job Angle’s doing as Raw GM. Graves relayed this personal information to Angle and now Angle seems to be a little paranoid.

Although it is not confirmed, this could potentially lead to the rumored match Meltzer mentioned between Angle and Triple H. WWE’s biggest event of the summer and one of WWE’s “big four” pay-per-views of the year, SummerSlam, is a little over two months away. It might be fair to speculate that this could be where Angle vs. Triple H takes place.

If Angle does wrestle this year it would be his first match in a WWE ring in 11 years.

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