WWE: Roman Reigns Forced to Apologize to Peers; Update on Money Lost

Roman Reigns was ordered to apologize to other WWE performers when the news came out last week that he was suspended for 30 days due to a Wellness Policy violation. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reports that the apology was met with mixed reactions because some people felt that Reigns shouldn’t be humiliated like that while others felt it was the right thing to do.

Meltzer also reported that Mark Carrano likely told Reigns to do the apology and that it probably came from Triple H, who is the VP of Talent Relations. It likely didn’t come from Vince McMahon although it’s possible that Vince had a say in it too.

When the suspension was announced nine days ago, Reigns also sent a tweet apologizing to family, friends and fans.

Regarding the money that Reigns will lose for being off the road for 30 days, Meltzer noted that wrestlers don’t get paid any of their wrestling pay and downside guarantees during their suspension. In Reigns’ case, that would put him in the range of about $100,000 lost because he was scheduled to headline every live event (house show) he was on over the next month. Since he won’t be missing any pay-per-views (Reigns will headline Battleground on July 24), he will still be able to collect his biggest monthly payoff – the PPV main event bonus money. Reigns will still be paid royalties and merchandise bonuses while he’s suspended.

There’s still no word on what substance he may have taken to lead to the suspension.


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TJR Thoughts: I find the apology thing to be a bit silly because they’re all adults and people make mistakes. I would assume that part of the reason they asked him to do it (or told him, as it were) is because he’s been a main event guy for a couple of years and is considered a leader in the locker room. I just find it hard to believe that everybody in the locker room sees him that way when he’s been on the main roster for less than four years and he hasn’t won the crowd over at all, despite being a top babyface that is pushed heavily.

I give WWE credit for having a Wellness Policy and suspending Reigns. A lot of people think that they don’t really test the top guys, but this is proof that it happens. Does that mean Triple H or Vince McMahon get tested regularly? No idea. I have my doubts about certain people. At the same time, it doesn’t bother me that much anyway.

It will be interesting to see how Reigns is portrayed when he does come back for the July 24 Battleground event. He’s going to miss the July 19 WWE Draft, yet he’ll still get picked by Raw or Smackdown because he’s a big name. Do they push him as a heel or a face? Is he a main eventer post Battleground? I assume he will be, but until he’s back in action we don’t know.