WWE: Roman Reigns Didn’t Want His Daughter Implemented Gratuitously In Bray Wyatt Feud

There seems to be a good reason why absolutely nothing came of the brief plot point of Bray Wyatt holding up a photograph of Roman Reign’s daughter and delivering one of his cryptically bizarre promos. Simply put, Roman was uncomfortable with taking that element too far.

In an interview on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Roman reflects on his career up until now, while briefly switching gears to discuss his thoughts on the storyline that may potentially conclude at this Sunday’s upcoming Hell In A Cell PPV.

“[The picture] wasn’t something that came from my home or private, like, me and [Joelle] selfie or something like that. It was a promotional thing that we did. It’s in the malls. You can probably see it on my Twitter, so that’s why I was okay with that. We didn’t touch on it much after. It was something to spark, but too much is too much and I thought we were able to push a line and stay there and not go too far and we were able to go back towards the wrestling and the talent and us telling our individual competition story [as] opposed to getting too deep into that type of real life situation.”

While I do appreciate Roman’s viewpoint of sticking to the wrestling telling the story, this feud could have used something, anything, to justify the obscene length it has lasted. The worst part is I sincerely doubt their score will be settled this Sunday, and that it will somehow be dragged all the way to TLC.

Is further involving Roman’s daughter the answer? Probably not, because you also have to respect the private life and personal wishes of talent. The point however, is that for many WWE stories to catch on and maintain interest, it does sometimes have to be about something more than cryptic messages and stables going at it for no reason and no prize in sight.

It also has to be a well-written narrative that makes sense, or to put it bluntly, anything but performers fighting over valets and proposing in the middle of the ring. Is wanting good stories really too much to ask for?