WWE: Roman Reigns Comments On Trying To Understand Why Fans Boo Him

Roman Reigns recently spoke with The Kingston Whig-Standard to promote WrestleMania 32. During part of the interview, Reigns spoke about his relationship with the fans and gave his thoughts as to why he gets booed.

“It’s a tough one because there is no one answer. There is no one reason why someone would want to boo me. Maybe they don’t like what I wear, how I sound, maybe I did something to offend them, but for me, it’s hard because I’m under the microscope and I’m dealing with a lot of different things and there’s a lot of things flying my way. For me, I can only continue to stay within myself and worry about the things I can control and the things I can control are, Am I healthy?; Am I showing up to where I need to be on time?; Am I here to perform and do my job? If I do that, then our fans, they can cheer me, they can boo me, as long as we all show up to the arena, everything will be fine. We’ll be able to create that awesome experience, create that energy.”

Reigns says that despite the boos, he has supporters that he hears just as loudly.

“As for the reasons why these things happen, I don’t know. I do know I have a lot of supporters. These people have my back. There’s nothing that anybody can say negatively to me that will make me believe you are correct. It’s just your opinions. I’m an ex-football player, so I’ve been in a home environment, I’ve played in an away environment. As long as I know the supporters are still by me, even if they’re not in the arena, I hear them on social media and I know they’re out there. If you’re riding with me, it’s going to be a good ride. If you’re going against me, we’re sorry for what’s going to happen next.”

Reigns goes on to talk about how he doesn’t let the negativity get to him, how the adversity has played into his favor and much more. You can read this interview in its entirety right here.

Mark’s reaction: This interview from Reigns is interesting in that it sounds like he’s not sure why people boo him. I find that kind of concerning. If you’re a wrestler whose job it is to be a babyface, yet you often get booed, you’re not looking into what you can do differently to get the people on your side? I just think the “I’m gonna keep doing me” approach is not a good way to handle the issues you have with the fan base; Especially from someone like Reigns who is relatively early in his career and is still learning a lot.

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