WWE Reveals New Raw and Smackdown Live Logos

World Wrestling Entertainment revealed new logos for the new era of Raw and Smackdown. You can see those logos above.

Mick Foley, who is the General Manager of Raw (Stephanie McMahon is the Commissioner), tweeted about the logo earlier on Friday.

Daniel Bryan, the General Manager of Smackdown (Shane McMahon is the Commissioner) tweeted about the Smackdown Live logo.

The post about the new logos describes them this way: “These logos epitomize the intense spirit of competition that’s currently taking WWE by storm, as both Raw and SmackDown Live look to position themselves as the supreme brand of live programming in sports-entertainment.”

TJR Thoughts: I’m underwhelmed by the logos. Based on what I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook, a lot of fans are complaining about them. Then again, most people complain about new things in wrestling anyway, so that’s a predictable response. We’ll just have to get used to it I guess. Is it really a big deal? No. They’re just logos.

Regarding the “Smackdown Live” name it appears as though WWE is going to keep saying it. Hopefully it doesn’t last forever, but I can understand using it for a few months at least.

There’s no word on if Raw or Smackdown are going to have other changes such as new music, new colors around the ring and new stage designs. I assume the music will be different for both because the Raw song has been there for four years and it really needs to be changed. We’ll find out next week for the first Raw and Smackdown episodes in this new era.