WWE Reports That Randy Orton Needs Surgery – Will Miss 4 to 6 Months

Two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw (11/19) the announce team mentioned how Randy Orton was not present for WWE’s live events in Mexico and said how Orton was “taken out” by the Wyatt Family. In reality, Orton dislocated his shoulder and an MRI was scheduled to see if he needed surgery. If surgery was required he would be out for several months. I covered that story here. Well, recently broke the news that Orton’s MRI looks worse than what was hoped for. The following statements come directly from

“ can now confirm that Orton’s injuries are significant, and will keep him from stepping into a WWE ring for an extended period of time.”

Here’s the statement from WWE’s Dr. Steve Daquino.

“Randy has suffered from a dislocated shoulder. He’s had chronic problems with his shoulder, and a recent MRI that was done found he has a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, some stretched ligaments and a partially torn rotator cuff. At this point it’s a matter of when he dislocates the shoulder again, and not if. Surgery seems imminent, and recovery time for such a surgery would be four to six months.”

Mark’s reaction:

With a recovery time of four to six months, we can expect to see Orton back between March and May of 2016. Unless his recovery goes better than expected, this means Orton will most likely miss WrestleMania 32, which takes place on April 3, 2016. I can’t imagine that the WWE wants to rush Orton back for WrestleMania since he’s had plenty of shoulder problems in the past and rushing Orton’s return could obviously lead to injuring his shoulder ever more severely.

Yes this is bad news for the WWE as Orton is a significant player. However, I don’t think his absence will drastically hurt the product at all. The current WWE roster is deep with guys who are more than capable of filling Orton’s shoes. Now’s the time for them step up and grab that brass ring I keep hearing about. With that being said, here’s to hoping for a safe surgery and healthy recovery for Orton.

Will you be missing Randy Orton’s presence on WWE programming for the next four to six months? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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