WWE Report: Why The Miz Beat Dolph Ziggler On Raw; Big WrestleMania 32 Match?

As seen on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler cleanly in a little over one minute. This victory came as quite a shock since The Miz hardly ever wins matches on Raw anymore and Ziggler just got out of a feud with Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship. The reason for The Miz’s win is apparently because he’s involved in a key match at WrestleMania 32. This is according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer.

Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ziggler is also involved in this key match at WrestleMania 32, which will be some sort of multi-person match. It was felt that The Miz needed the victory a lot more than Ziggler (which is true). It is not yet known what this “key match” will be for, but it could be for either the Intercontinental or United States Championship.

Last year’s WrestleMania featured a big six-man Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship. It would make sense for WWE to continue this trend of having a big multi-person gimmick match for a championship as there are so many wrestlers on the roster that are not currently in a storyline heading into WrestleMania 32.

Note: They did another Miz vs. Ziggler match on Smackdown. We won’t tell you the result, but it was apparently a short match like on raw.

Mark’s reaction: Although I really don’t want to see it, Kevin Owens will most likely be facing Big Show at WrestleMania this year; so my thinking is that Owens and the IC Title is out of the picture. That leaves Kalisto and his quickly forgotten about US Championship.

Kalisto and his US Title have fallen into the background ever since Sin Cara returned from injury and the Lucha Dragons reunited. As we all saw last December at the TLC PPV, Kalisto can shine in ladder matches. This news makes me think that this “key match” will in fact be a six-man Ladder Match for the US Title.

As far as what six men should be a part of the match? Obviously Kalisto, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, but I can also see Neville, Stardust and Tyler Breeze involved. Maybe even Sin Cara as the two Lucha Dragons can put aside their friendship just this once for the “Show of Shows.” It’s tough to predict who can be involved in a match like this because I’m not too sure about what the plans are for the League of Nations or The Wyatt Family. Members from those teams would be ideal for a match like this as well.

What do you think this “key match” is all about? If a title is on the line, would you rather it be for the Intercontinental or United States Championship? If you had to pick 6 wrestlers, who would you like to see involved? Leave any of your thoughts in the comment section below.