WWE Report: Vince McMahon Freaking Out Over Low Ratings

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that Vince McMahon is freaking out over the recent low ratings. He also then goes on to discuss how Vince gets like this around the same time every year.

There’s not really much to say other than that maybe if WWE would try harder during months that aren’t January- April, some decent viewership might be maintained. Ratings are always going to dip around this time because of the NFL, but that doesn’t mean Vince and the writers are allowed to half-ass shows and then sit around flabbergasted at why those shows aren’t performing well.

It’s simply bizarre how this company can make a Seth Rollins/Sting feud feel rather uneventful, but they accomplished just that. The feud was literally based around a statue; who cares? It also doesn’t help that the same matches are repeated on a weekly basis.

I really don’t expect things to be shaken up that much either. The big selling point for the month of October is essentially Brock Lesnar culminating with a huge Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker. WWE is putting on a show from Dallas stacked with legendary talent set to appear in a few weeks, but that’s more of a pre-Mania treat for the city rather than a company response for low ratings.

At least we have The New Day to make us laugh weekly.