WWE Report: Sister Abigail Joining The Wyatt Family?

There has reportedly been a lot of discussion within WWE about introducing the Sister Abigail character into the Wyatt Family’s storyline, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week. This is nothing new as there have been talks about potentially bringing to television an actual Sister Abigail for over a year now.

Here’s what it said in this week’s Observer: “There is more talk as of late about the introduction of a Sister Abigail character. It’s been talked about forever but apparently the talk has gotten more serious about doing it.”

Last year, PWInsider reported that Mika Rotunda had received a tryout for the WWE with the idea of including her as part of the Wyatt Family. Mika is the real-life sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas, as well as the daughter of former WWE wrestler Mike Rotunda (also known as IRS). Whether her tryout was physical or not, we don’t know. Ric Flair mentioned on his WOOOOO! Nation podcast that she was trying out for a position as a ring announcer. However, she could still have played the part of Sister Abigail; just instead of being an actual wrestler she could be their valet or manager. With all that being said, nobody is quite sure if anything has come of it. If she did sign with the WWE we would have most likely heard about it by now.

Mika Rotunda

Rumors have recently been swirling about Santana Garrett playing Sister Abigail. Garret has been wrestling with various different promotions for 7 years now. She even had a stint at TNA under the ring name Brittany. Garret has wrestled with WWE NXT before as she had a match with Charlotte back in 2013 and has recently returned to NXT to face off against Asuka. This match was taped so it will most likely be airing on the WWE Network in the upcoming weeks. However, what really got people talking about Garrett as Sister Abigail was when she recently made the following, ominous tweet. In this tweet, she also posted a picture of herself in a mask similar to Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman’s.

As you can see, very reminiscent of the Wyatt Family. It could mean nothing, but it’s quite suspicious nonetheless.

As many of you know, Sister Abigail is the name of Bray Wyatt’s finishing move. Before he delivers it, he usually plants “Sister Abigail’s kiss” on the forehead of his opponent. We don’t really know much about the Sister Abigail character other than when she’s occasionally mentioned in Bray Wyatt’s promos. The most we’ve ever heard of her came from an eerie promo Wyatt delivered in the summer of 2013, soon after he made his debut on the main roster. You can watch the “Tale of Sister Abigail” below.

Mark’s reaction: I’m not against the addition of a female into the Wyatt Family like some others may be. I think it could add a fresh element to the Wyatt Family’s gimmick. The Wyatt Family have been around for a while now, and some of the shtick could get old if not spruced up every once in a while. I liked the addition of Braun Strowman, although it seems like we’ve seen from him pretty much all we’re going to see. I still like how he’s a big guy who doesn’t get knocked off his feet that often, it’s pretty intimidating and fits in perfectly with the group.

Sister Abigail could add an interesting dynamic to the Wyatt Family in that it sounds like, from Bray’s promo above, that she’s someone who Bray looked up to and admired. A power shift could happen in the Wyatt Family where all these giant, menacing men respect and always bow down before her. Sort of like an “anything Abigail wants, she gets” kind of situation. Who knows, it could be fun. I’m willing to give it a chance. The only thing is, it does sound like she’s supposed to be dead. Then again, Kane and The Undertaker were dead men too and the WWE has shown us things much weirder before.

Are you looking forward to the prospect of seeing Sister Abigail added to the Wyatt Family? Would you be interested in seeing Santana Garret as Sister Abigail or do you have another female wrestler in mind? Would you even want her to be a wrestler, or would you like her as more of a manager? Leave any of your thoughts in the comment section below.

John Canton Take: The post by Santana Garret really got people talking. She posted more of them on Facebook too. I’m not sure if it means anything other than she did a photo shoot to get people’s attention because if WWE brought her in to be this character then there’s no way they would want her posting photos like that. With that said, Garret is one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen in wrestling and she’s pretty solid in the ring too. It would be wise to bring her in at some point. For now, it’s just a rumor, but I think the fact that the Observer wrote about it again shows that it could be a reality soon.

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