WWE Report: Reigns vs. Undertaker “Probable” Main Event of WrestleMania

The last match at WrestleMania is always something fans like to argue about. What will it be and what should it be? At this point, the probable main event is The Undertaker’s match against Roman Reigns according to Dave Meltzer on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio.

As always, the plans could change between now and Sunday night, but the strong indication is The Undertaker’s potential last match will end WrestleMania.

On Thursday, we posted comments from Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton saying that he thinks The Undertaker/Reigns match should go on last.

If it does go on last then that means Reigns will be in the last match at WrestleMania for the third straight year.

It was also noted by John Bradshaw Layfield on WWE Network’s “Bring it to the Table” show that he’s going to call the match along with Michael Cole.

TJR Thoughts: I’m not sure if this is going to be The Undertaker’s last match ever, but it’s very possible it will be. If that’s the case then maybe WWE wants to end the night with The Undertaker walking out of a ring (win or lose) one last time.

We will have an in-depth WrestleMania preview here on TJRWrestling later today.