WWE Report: Alberto Del Rio Suffering From Lower Back Injury

The injuries just won’t let up in WWE with today’s victim being Alberto Del Rio. The former WWE and United States Champion is dealing with a nagging lower back injury that’s keeping him from competing, according to PWInsider.

A report from the Wrestling Observer noted that Del Rio was hurt taking a suplex from Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble and that he’ll be re-evaluated on Monday in Birmingham.

Del Rio did not wrestle on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Instead, he appeared in the corner of Sheamus and Rusev in their main event tag team match against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Del Rio also did not appear on Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings; PWInsider is reporting that Del Rio wasn’t backstage during the tapings either.

The Mexican Aristocrat is one of the top billed performers for this weekend’s WWE live events in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Tupelo, Mississippi. It will be interesting to see if Del Rio is able to wrestle during these events. If he can’t compete, it should give us an indication as to how serious his lower back injury really is.

Fellow League of Nations member Sheamus recently revealed that his left arm was in a cast, with the news being that it was due to arm tendinitis. Although his injury is not serious, he’ll likely be joining King Barrett on the sidelines for the next week or two until he’s ready to compete again. However, with this news of Del Rio’s back injury, Rusev may be the only League of Nations member (for the time being) that’s actually able to wrestle!

Mark’s reaction: The League of Injuries can’t catch a break. They’ve got to be one of my least favorite factions in WWE history. Actually, I take that back. I can’t say that considering The Corre was once a thing. The League of Nations are just more disappointing to me than anything else. It’s unfortunate because I really like all the members involved, it’s just a combination of poor booking and bad luck. I also never really felt any chemistry between the four. I wish I could find it on YouTube, but I’ll never forget this one Raw where Del Rio said something on the mic and looked to Rusev for a fist bump. Rusev went for a high five instead and it just made for such an awkward moment. I don’t think it was meant for comedy purposes either, they just weren’t on the same page. Maybe these smaller injuries is fate trying to tell The League of Nations that it just ain’t working out.

I’m hoping Del Rio’s injury isn’t that serious. He probably just needs some time to rest his body. For all we know, this could be why he dropped the United States Championship to Kalisto again at the Royal Rumble. When Kalisto won it back for a second time, although I liked that he was holding the title, it made me scratch my head as to why he even lost the belt to Del Rio in the first place if he was just going to get it right back. Maybe WWE figured out later than expected that Del Rio needed some time off, so they figured they might as well leave the US Title on Kalisto for the time being. Maybe Lesnar’s suplex put the final touch on an issue that already needed to be looked at. I could be totally off, however, you never quite know.

Here’s to hoping Del Rio gets better soon!

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