WWE Releases Joey Styles

Long-time wrestling commentator Joey Styles, best known for being the voice of ECW, was recently released from World Wrestling Entertainment. This is according to

Although Styles stopped doing play by play commentary for WWE in 2008, he has still been with the company for the last eight years as WWE’s Director of Digital Media Content until he was promoted to being the Vice President of Digital Media Content. In other words, he worked for mainly.

ProWrestlingSheet’s report doesn’t give a specific date as to when Styles was released, but his latest tweet was on July 29. Styles also did a Facebook Q&A just a few days before July 29 where he was very open about certain current events in WWE such as not liking the Universal Title, hating the three-man commentary table and why Vince McMahon continues to try and push Roman Reigns despite the backlash from fans.

The following were his comments about Reigns. Thanks to Uproxx for the transcription.

“Bottom line is, if our chairman thinks he sees a future star as a babyface, that’s how things are gonna play out … But the answer is Vince thinks it can work. He’s been right much, much, much, much, much more than wrong over the course of the last 40 years. I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna second-guess the chairman.”

Styles’ Q&A has since been removed from WWE’s social media outlets.

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