WWE: Recap of Roman Reigns on Good Morning America (Video)

Roman Reigns was a guest on ABC’s Good Morning America this morning. The show airs from 7am to 9am weekday mornings on ABC. Reigns was in Atlanta last night for WWE’s Monday Night Raw making his return after being away for four months to fight against leukemia. Reigns announced last night that the leukemia was in remission and he was able to get physical on Raw as well. Reigns flew from Atlanta to New York overnight and appeared on GMA. Here’s a recap of the segment that ran seven minutes.

The interview was conducted by Robin Roberts, who is also a cancer survivor. They showed a clip of Roman Reigns announcing he was in remission on Raw.

Reigns walked onto the set in a suit. Roberts mentioned Reigns saying “y’all” during his announcement on Raw and Reigns said that was the southern boy in him since he is from Pensacola, Florida. Reigns even knew the local ABC affiliate there.

Reigns said it was amazing to be back in a WWE ring. Reigns said that he knew this journey wouldn’t be complete until he got to step back in the ring again to address his fans. He said that the fans were so gentle and so gracious. Reigns noted that he was so nervous last night and normally he doesn’t get nervous like in WrestleMania main events he’s cool, but last night was so close to the vest. Reigns said the perfectionist, the OCD, in him came out when he was out there. Reigns talked about the support is what was really overwhelming. Reigns said that being able to feel that from the whole world was amazing and it was a blessing.

It was noted by Roberts that fans were outside the GMA studios at 2 and 3 in the morning to see Reigns. Reigns spoke about WWE being a PG product and the families kinda drive their business. Reigns said that sometimes children are the most resilient warriors in the world. Reigns talked about visiting kids at pediatric hospitals. Roberts asked if it was true that Reigns let the kids know about his leukemia first and then let everybody else know. Reigns said it was true. Reigns said that they made an awesome video that lifted his spirits. Reigns talked about making strong bonds with those kids and he can’t wait to go back to Dallas to visit them again.

Reigns talked about how his family has been his rock. Reigns said that support system that surrounds you is so important and sometimes they suffer the most. Reigns talked about how his mom was the biggest worry wort in the world. Reigns looked right into a camera: “Mom, I love you, but you gotta chill out a little (laughs).” The audience clapped and he said his mom got applause.

Reigns said that the first time (he had leukemia), it felt like he was on an island by himself, but this time it felt like he was surrounded by guardian angels. Reigns said that all of his fans rallied behind him.

Reigns said that he has the opportunity to create awareness like Robin does. He said that WWE is a global brand that is all over the world. Reigns said that every night he’s in that ring it’s a symbol of hope and a symbol of awareness. Reigns said that they’re not just going to talk about it, they’re in the process of creating funds and foundations to help. Reigns said that they want to make people aware and get their hands dirty. The audience cheered.

Roberts mentioned that Roman had a role in the Hobbs & Shaw movie starring Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. Roberts read most of The Rock’s Instagram post that Rock posted when he announced Reigns would be in the movie. Reigns said it’s going to be a little weird to see himself in a movie and he said he’s not a fan of watching his own work. Reigns said that the experience was phenomenal, getting to hang out with Dwayne and see him in his element. Reigns said that the Rock is a genuinely great person, he’s infectious and you want to be around him because he’s such a nice person. Reigns said that being in Hawaii and said that the “mana” is real. Reigns said if you get a chance to be in Hawaii, get out there.

Roberts thanked Reigns for the discussion and the audience cheered. That was all.