WWE Raw Ratings: Huge Viewership Numbers Post WrestleMania

It was a huge night for WWE on Raw last night because they had their biggest audience in nearly three years.

From PWInsider:

The 3/30 post-Wrestlemania edition of Raw did a massive 5,364,000 for last night’s raw, up over a million viewers from last week’s 4,188,000.

Raw opened with 5,227,000 viewers in hour one, did 5,597,000 in hour two and 5,267,000 in hour three. It is the largest number WWE has done since the first three hour Raw on July 23, 2012.

Those numbers are awesome. To go from around 4 million as an average and hit 5.36 million is a significant difference. It was the best Raw of the year in my opinion and there was a lot of excitement going in based off the ending of WrestleMania. It’s the highest viewership total since the first Raw in the three hour format on July 23, 2012, which did 6 million viewers.

WWE should be very happy with the numbers, but they also have to hope that they can keep the momentum going. Unfortunately, they did the suspension angle with Brock Lesnar and we may not see him until July, so that’s going to hurt. He’s a huge draw for them. It’s hard to replace him.

Realistically, it’s going to be difficult to move higher than their average of about 4 million per week because the Raw after WrestleMania show is always a yearly highlight, so fans know to tune in. It also helped that the NCAA college basketball final is next Monday. Usually it’s the day after WrestleMania, so WWE benefited from that too.

The actual show rating will come in soon and I’ll update this post with it.

Do ratings matter as much as they did 10-15 years ago? Probably not. There’s also the factor of people using the DVR to watch the show later and that could be 10-15% of the audience too. The reason it’s noteworthy is when the increase in viewership is about 1.4 million people. WWE has to be happy about it.

Keep the momentum going, WWE!