WWE Raw Preview 07/11: Vince McMahon, US Title Match, Battle Royal & More!

This week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw is the second last Raw prior to the historic July 19 brand extension draft on Smackdown.

In order to set that up, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon will be in the house to hopefully shed some light on who may be running Raw and Smackdown once the draft takes place.

Here’s what says about his appearance:

Mr. McMahon gave his children, Shane and Stephanie, shared custody over Monday Night Raw, but ironically, it’s SmackDown Live that has caused friction between the two siblings. With both McMahons declaring their intentions to run SmackDown come Tuesday, July 19 (and fending off would-be usurpers ranging from Corporate Kane to John Laurinaitis) and the Brand Extension fast approaching, The Chairman is slated to return to Raw in the very same building where Shane himself made his comeback earlier this year. Could Mr. McMahon be on the verge of an executive decision? Or does he have a different COO in mind for SmackDown Live?

I’m not sure what the plan is, but I hope Vince announces who is in charge of both shows once the draft gets here. It’s silly that we are this deep into the process, yet they’ve yet to announce specific key details as it pertains to the draft.

Also on Raw…

– Rusev defends the United States Title against Zack Ryder. I like that they are having Rusev defending the gold for the second week in a row on Raw. This match was set up on Smackdown last week.

– A battle royal will take place to determine the Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Title that is held by The Miz. I’d like to see Cesaro hold that title soon, but they did the feud earlier in the year. Maybe a guy like Apollo Crews will win. I’m not sure.

– Sasha Banks will face Dana Brooke in one on one action. That was set up on Smackdown. It’s likely just a way to give Banks momentum since she’s feuding with Charlotte, who is Brooke’s mentor.

– The New Day will visit the Wyatt Family compound. That should be a unique and different segment at least.

I’ll be back on late Monday or early Tuesday with my Raw Deal review of the show as usual.