WWE Raw Dips Below Three Million Viewers

Last night’s WWE Raw saw the viewership drop to below three million with an average of 2.964 million viewers, significantly down from last weeks which was 3.292 million. Figures are from

The break down is as follows:

Hour One – 3.19 million
Hour Two – 2.99 million
Hour Three – 2.71 million

In comparison, last year’s post Survivor Series Raw garnered 4.25 million viewers overall following the reveal and debut of Sting. It is also the first time the show has dropped under the 3 million mark since it became a three hour show.

Ski’s Take – Sheamus is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Roman Reigns is the white hot babyface chasing for the title, and you get your lowest audience score since you stretched the show to three hours. I’m sure I heard a saying where the customer is always right?

Yes we know that once upon a time Uncle Vince steered the ship through rough seas in the Monday Night War, and he put out a quality (some may disagree), edgy product that appealed to the masses. But it feels like either he’s lost his way (he is 70), or he’s now appealing to his sponsors and network. If it’s the second reason then he’s in big time trouble. With ratings dropping like a stone, the company will have no pulling power when it comes to either re-negotiating the deal with USA or shopping the show around to other networks. The show won’t be worth as much due to low viewership, advertising spots will be cheaper, and Vince will have the board and investors to answer to.

Something needs to change and soon. The Royal Rumble signals the beginning of the Road To Wrestlemania, and in my personal opinion, things need to start turning for the better before the Rumble. Whether that’s putting on longer matches, cutting down the opening promo’s that set the tone of the show, or a complete revamp of the show, something has to give……before Uncle Vince’s worst nightmare happens, and numbers for WrestleMania drop significantly.