WWE: Randy Orton Will Not Be the Mystery Partner at Night of Champions

WWE’s ninth Night of Champions event will be held on September 20th at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Leading up to the event, a six man tag match was announced featuring The Wyatt Family facing off against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and a partner of their choosing. After an attack on Randy Orton was distributed by the hands of the Wyatt Family this past Monday on Raw, it looked like the stars were aligning for Randy Orton to be the third member of the baby face team. However, reports being surfaced today from PWInsider claim otherwise:

“It appears that the angle where The Wyatt Family attacked Randy Orton on Monday was not to set him up as the partner of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, but to write him off television. PWInsider has confirmed with a source within WWE Creative that Orton is not currently figured into storyline plans for the next several weeks, including the Night of Champions PPV.”

During last night’s airing of Smackdown, the Wyatt Family took out Jimmy Uso for teaming with Reigns and Ambrose as well. As Night of Champions approaches over the next nine days, it seems as if we’ll be seeing the Wyatt Family laying waste to anyone that looks to be forming an alliance with Reigns and Ambrose.

Mark’s reaction:

There are a few things to take away from this news. One is that Randy Orton has come to a point in his career where he keeps falling into this “we don’t know what to do with you” position a lot. Having accomplished so much at such a young age I think hurt him. He’s been around for thirteen years and I feel like WWE Creative and Randy Orton himself has kind of just run out of ideas. He’s 35 years old, in great shape, and could still have another ten years of wrestling ahead of him for all we know. In order to stay relevant I’d really like to see him in the IC Title picture where he can do for that belt what Cena did for the US strap.

Another thing to take away from this news is that the Wyatt Family is being booked strong. This is something the WWE has not done well for their heels as of late. There have been too many disqualifications, too much running away. A good old fashioned beat down on wrestler after wrestler is something the Wyatt Family needed.

Lastly, and what makes me most intrigued, is the question of who the mystery partner can be. Now I doubt this will happen, but how cool would it be for the mystery partner to be a returning Daniel Bryan. Our own Robert Kojder covered some news today on Daniel Bryan’s current status. To read Rob’s article in its entirety you can click here. Bryan said how he’s been cleared by doctors and is ready to wrestle again, but that WWE wants to check with a few more doctors before they send him back into the ring. Could this have just been Bryan dodging a surprise comeback at Night of Champions? I would love it but again, I doubt it will happen only because Bryan’s in ring return seems like it would be something the WWE would want to promote.

Who do you think will be Reigns and Ambrose’s partner at Night of Champions? Do you like the way the Wyatt Family is being booked? Do you find yourself interested in Randy Orton’s character lately? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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