WWE: Randy Orton Reflects On 15 Years In The Business And Reveals His Favorite RKO

Randy Orton is officially a 15-year veteran and to celebrate the milestone decided to interview him, which naturally resulted in The Viper telling us some fascinating stories along with revealing some favorite details about his illustrious career to this point.

On 15 Years In The Business:

“How does it feel? It feels like, “Where did the time go?” to be honest. I’ve been around a long time, and it seemed for the longest time like I was the young guy. Now, all of a sudden, I’ve got fans with beards telling me, “I used to watch you when I was a kid.” So, I don’t know what happened to all those years, man, but the little bit I do remember? It was definitely a fun ride.”

On Who To Make Happy:

“We had a bunch of people my dad used to work with, so he was kind of on the same page with his advice. But one of the things he always told me is, “The only guy you gotta make happy over there is Vince, so don’t have too many people telling you what they want to see from you because you can’t make everybody happy.” I’ve never been very tactful, but it was good to know who I’m here working for and who I need to please. And, as I grew, [it became] the fans. As long as the fans were happy, I knew I’d had a good night, and it didn’t really matter what anybody else thought.”

On Becoming The Youngest WWE Champion:

“Yeah, when I won the World Title at 24 and became the youngest, I knew that was huge. You ask me how I felt after that match, I’ll remember. I remember calling my grandfather and my dad on Stephanie McMahon’s phone. I teared up. I’ll never forget how I felt after that match. So many emotions. I might as well have won the World Series. That title means a lot to us. So, that first time winning it, especially making history like I did, will forever be one of the most memorable, if not the most memorable, experiences I’ve ever had here.”

On Locker Room Etiquette:

“When I was in Evolution I definitely learned the most; I had Hunter and Ric. Those are two of the top-five ever, maybe three. Whether it was making my lockup better or locker-room etiquette. We flew into Alaska one time and there was no food, so Hunter ordered pizzas and hot dogs and the boys got to eat because he took the initiative. Learning locker-room leadership skills from these guys and learning how to be one of the boys and take care of them, and how much that comes full circle when you take care of them. It just helps for a better locker room. I learned that from them.”

Favorite RKO:

“I would say probably the one with Evan Bourne. It just shows you how important timing is and I felt like the timing on that particular one was harder to achieve than any of the other ones. The one on Seth [Rollins] at WrestleMania was difficult, too. I’ve done some cool ones with Dolph [Ziggler] and Cesaro, too, and springboards in with Carlito and CM Punk. The timing is what makes that. But the hardest one, the highest-risk one to hit perfect was the Evan Bourne one, and that’d probably be why it’s my favorite.”

Rob’s Hot-Take:

I think it’s funny that Orton admits the only person talent should be focused on keeping happy is Vince McMahon. It’s also clear that being around HHH and other top guys early in his career gave him handy leadership skills and more that shaped him into the ring general he is today. I also like that he doesn’t treat the championship like a prop, because scripted or not becoming the champion is important and a sign that the company has a great deal of faith in you. As for his favor RKO, choosing the Evan Bourne one isn’t really a surprise; it’s amazing.

Randy Orton will face Bray Wyatt in a House of Horrors match Sunday, April 30 at Payback starting at 8PM Eastern/6PM Western.

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