WWE: Randy Orton Comments On His Injuries

Randy Orton has been injured for the past few months dealing with a shoulder injury. Sound familiar? It’s been a bad year or so for WWE performers dealing with shoulder injuries. His situation has been kept pretty quiet because he’s not the kind of guy that uses social media a lot. However, he did do a post on Instagram talking about his injury.

If you go to his Instagram it’s not the main comment, but if you load more comments you can see his post there as his way of responding to fans asking when he’ll return. This is what it says:

I see many of you think I need neck surgery. I heard weeks ago that Meltzer stated it as a fact. I don’t keep up with gossip, so I didn’t think anything of it. As far as my shoulder, I was cut on 12/8. Things are ahead of schedule and I’m pumped to get back to work. As far as my neck, and I’m only debunking this ‘fact’ for the sincerely concerned fans, I DONT need neck surgery. Remember, unless you hear about it on, you really should take everything you read online concerning pro wrestling with a grain of salt.

Regarding that neck injury, here’s what the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer wrote in the November 30, 2015 edition of the Observer.

The situation with Orton is worse than expected. The shoulder injury is serious and it would have kept him out of action until after WrestleMania most likely. But as soon as he recovers from the shoulder surgery, he is going to have neck surgery. They expect the neck surgery won’t be as serious, with the surgery to clean out bone chips in his neck. But it is possible, but unlikely, the neck damage is worse than they think right now, and if that’s the case, he’ll be having fusion surgery, but right now that’s not what they expect. But his return looks to be at best three to six months after the neck surgery, and the neck surgery takes place after doctor’s feel he’s recovered sufficiently from the shoulder surgery. At worst, with fusion, it would be well over a year after the neck surgery.

The shoulder surgery was known for a while and it’s a 4-6 month recovery most likely. Since he was”cut” on December 8 that means four months at best would be right around the time of Wrestlemania 32 on April 3. It’s a few days less than four months, but close enough. That doesn’t mean that WWE will put him in a WrestleMania match. It just means he’s close.

It’s good to know that he doesn’t need neck surgery. I am an Observer subscriber and have been for about a decade now. If I thought Meltzer was bad I wouldn’t pay money for it, but I can see why Orton or some other wrestlers get worked up when they see stuff like that.

If you’re a fan of Orton, he’s probably going to be back anywhere from April to June as long as he doesn’t have any setbacks.