WWE Provides COVID-19 Business Update, Budget and Talent Cuts Expected, Vince McMahon

The following statement was posted on WWE’s Corporate website today.


STAMFORD, Conn., April 15, 2020 – WWE (NYSE: WWE) today provided an update on measures taken by the Company in response to the current impact of COVID-19 on the organization.

Due to COVID-19 and current government mandated impacts on WWE and the media business generally, the Company went through an extensive evaluation of its operations over the past several weeks. This analysis resulted in the implementation of various short-term cost reductions and cash flow improvement actions including:

* Reducing executive and board member compensation;
* Decreasing operating expenses;
* Cutting talent expenses, third party staffing and consulting;
* Deferring spend on the build out of the Company’s new headquarters for at least six months.

Given the uncertainty of the situation, the Company also identified headcount reductions and made the decision to furlough a portion of its workforce effective immediately. The decision to furlough versus permanently reduce headcount reflects the fact that the Company currently believes the furlough will be temporary in nature.

The Company’s reductions of employee compensation and headcount result in an estimated monthly savings of $4 million along with cash flow improvement of $140 million primarily from the deferral in spending on the Company’s new headquarters. Additionally, the Company has substantial financial resources, both available cash and debt capacity, which currently total approximately $0.5 billion, to manage the challenges ahead. Management continues to believe the fundamentals of the Company’s business remain strong and that WWE is well positioned to take full advantage of the changing media landscape and increasing value of live sports rights over the longer term.

The Company will provide further details when it reports its first quarter 2020 results next Thursday, April 23 after the close of the market.

It’s no surprise that WWE is wanting to cut costs during this difficult time where many businesses are losing money. While WWE is a very big company and the biggest pro wrestling company there is, it still affects them.

To add onto this statement, WrestlingInc reports that WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon held a call this afternoon to address WWE employees. Vince said that some employees will be furloughed meaning they will be on a leave of absence and then could be brought back in the future. Those people will receive a text message from WWE Human Resources today.

There will also be talent cuts and as I was writing this, some names were announced.