WWE: Photos & Videos of WrestleMania 33 Set Being Built; Rumored Roller Coaster Idea

With WrestleMania 33 only six days away, photos and videos of the set’s construction are being revealed online.

A Twitter user, @TheWrestlingScoop, posted photos and videos to his account of the set’s early stages of construction. This Twitter user is also reporting that the WrestleMania stage is going to be a roller coaster, since this year’s WrestleMania is being advertised as “The Ultimate Thrill Ride.” The Twitter user explained that he was made aware of this from one of the workers at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida where WrestleMania is being held. The Twitter user even shared a photo of his conversation with one of the workers to confirm this. However, since no one is certain that he was actually talking to someone who works at Camping World Stadium, we can’t call this “official.”

Although, having a roller coaster theme for WrestleMania’s stage makes sense since it’s this year’s slogan and considering how many times on a weekly basis we hear WWE’s announcers and talent say “The Ultimate Thrill Ride” when referring to this year’s WrestleMania.

Here are some of the photos and videos that @TheWrestlingScoop and others have shared of WrestleMania’s early set construction.

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