WWE NXT’s Tyler Breeze To Debut On Raw Very Soon

It is expected that WWE NXT Superstar Tyler Breeze will be added to WWE’s main roster very soon where he will be competing on Monday Night Raw and Thursday Night Smackdown, according to He was apparently supposed to make his official debut to the main roster on this Monday’s (October 19) edition of Raw. However, since this week’s Raw is the final Raw before WWE Hell in a Cell and there are a lot of big names advertised for the show, it looks like Breeze’s debut will be bumped back one more week to the October 26 edition of Raw.

Breeze signed with the WWE in 2010 where he made his debut in their old developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He stayed in FCW through its rebranding into NXT in 2012 and has been there ever since. He hasn’t won any championships during his time in NXT, but has gained popularity through his narcissistic-model heel persona and his in-ring work ethic.

Mark’s reaction:

I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m not really a big Tyler Breeze fan. I think he’s a solid wrestler but his narcissistic, selfie-obsessed character just bugs me so much. Although, I guess it’s unfair to judge him that way as it probably means he’s just doing his job correctly in getting me to hate him.

I’m curious as to what plans the WWE has for Breeze and where they plan on throwing him in the card. As a singles competitor, I feel he may get swallowed up with the abundance of talent that’s already in the mid-card and not being used. However, he’s a guy that I can see working very well in a tag team. He also has a similar kind of gimmick to Fandango where they’re both very into themselves. Maybe they can work well together as a team. Who knows, maybe they can pair him with his twin Dolph Ziggler? From what I’ve seen of Breeze, it seems that along with their looks they also share a similar type of wrestling style. Maybe it could work. If not, have it end in a split up where the two go on to feud with one another.

I’m more interested to hear your thoughts on Tyler Breeze. What would you like to see Breeze do on the main roster? Do you see him as a singles competitor or a tag team wrestler? If you’re a fan of Breeze, what is it about him that you enjoy? He’s a guy that a lot of people like and I feel like I’m just missing something on. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.