WWE NXT Prospect Patrick Clark Using New Contentious Gimmick

WWE NXT prospect, Patrick Clark — best known for his stint on the most recent Tough Enough season — has been touring with the upstart brand recently appearing on their live shows. Last week, Clark debuted a controversial new character, denouncing women’s wrestling and stating they belong in the kitchen, rather than the ring . All done while adorning a “Make America Great Again” shirt featuring Donald Trump’s face. During the promos, Clark endorses Trump in the upcoming American presidential race.

He also went to Twitter to hammer home the gimmick, using his new hashtag, “#MakeNXTGreatAgain.”

Analysis: So, uh, it goes without saying, but this will never see the light of day in televised WWE events. Not only is Trump in their Hall of Fame, but also Vince McMahon is a good friend of his. A heel persona based off mocking women’s wrestling and using belittling sexism will get you noticed, sure, but probably not in a good way for a lot of people. There is no future for this gimmick, but I’m sure lots of performers use random gimmicks at live shows to try them out for the hell of it. Kudos to him for trying to establish himself as something other than the guy from that terrible Tough Enough season, I guess.

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