WWE NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom Gives Insight On Possible NJPW Stars Jump To WWE

WWE Performance Center head coach Matt Bloom spoke recently with about the continued rumors of the four New Japan Pro Wrestling stars possibly coming to WWE.

He knows the Japanese wrestling scene very well after spending six years wrestling for NJPW, even forming the formidable tag team Bad Intentions with one of the rumored prospects, Karl Anderson. Below is the interview in its entirety.

After his spell in Japan, did he have any association with The Bullet Club?
I’m friends with most of those guys. The Bullet Club came to fruition after I left. It’s something that Finn Bálor came up with one night while hanging with his buddies. They all kind of made fun of him about it, thinking it would never take off.
After the group’s popularity exploded, what impact did they have in Japan?
That’s a faction that really helped New Japan become global, because everywhere you look, there are Bullet Club shirts at U.S. sporting events and U.S. wrestling events. It just took off. It’s all the brainchild of Finn Bálor and Karl Anderson.
On the rumors of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling to come to WWE:
“It’s about time. WWE is the largest platform in the world to do what those guys love to do. They deserve to be here because they paid their dues, they worked really hard, and they made names for themselves. The best of the best come here to flourish. They’re gonna take all those years of experience, hard work and dedication, and now show it to the world on an even grander scale.”
On talking to Finn Balor about his former Bullet Club buddies possibly coming to WWE:
“He’s excited. He’s stoked. Finn is doing big things on his own right now, but I’m sure he knows that becoming the champion is difficult and staying the champion is even more difficult. He’s got an ace in his back pocket because he might have some friends coming in that have been known to watch his back. I’m sure that’s very comforting for Finn Bálor.”
On what to expect if The Bullet Club members show up in WWE:
“You hear the boss always say, “You need to reach for that brass ring.” The Bullet Club do things outside the box to continually reach for that brass ring. They’re not afraid to buck the system and be different. They’re not afraid of trying new things. The fans, the locker room, and us as coaches are very excited to see what The Bullet Club might do.”

Ski’s Take – Another post about Styles, Anderson, Gallows and Nakamura? Now tell me they’re not coming!

I find it interesting that Bloom says the former Bullet Club guys could come in and help Finn by watching his back. Is he and the WWE throwing us a swerve there? Could they arrive in NXT and turn on him for leaving them, his friends, there in Japan while he went ahead become a world renowned wrestling superstar? Could they be the reason Balor drops the NXT Championship? Or have I unwittingly given Uncle Vince and creative a possible storyline?