WWE News: WWE Not Renewing Eva Marie’s Contract

It appears that WWE will not be renewing Eva Marie’s contract, according to WrestlingINC. Apparently, a source has disclosed information to them that the company will be parting ways with her. She has been with WWE since 2013 in multiple capacities from wrestling to the reality show Total Divas.

Eva Maria has not been seen on WWE television since her first violation of the wellness policy in mid-August of 2016.

Rob’s Hot-Take

This is not meant to come across as mean-spirited or rude, but it’s for the best. Eva Marie is not a very good wrestler and simply does not fit in the current landscape of women’s wrestling, which has greatly evolved in competition and athleticism over the recent years. With that said, I do wish her the best in whatever she pursues next. One would have to assume that she will continue a career in acting, as during her absence from WWE television she has gone on to films two movies, along with dying her trademark red hair to black.