WWE News: WWE 2K20 Video Game Cover, Trailer Includes Current Superstars and Hall of Famers

The official introduction of the WWE 2K20 video game is going to take place tomorrow, but as is often the case on the internet, the trailer for the game leaked online. The WWE 2k20 video game will be released on October 22 with pre-orders available.

We also found out that the two cover athletes for WWE 2K20 will be Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns. They are good choices since Lynch is the most popular women’s wrestler in WWE that headlined WrestleMania this past April. Meanwhile, Reigns has been a top guy in WWE for the past five years, he’s headlined WrestleMania four times and his comeback from leukemia has been arguably the biggest story in WWE this year.

Here’s the gameplay trailer.

The video started off with Hulk Hogan, Paul Heyman, Braun Strowman talking to Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin asking for a beer, Sheamus was there, there were photos of WWE legends on a wall, the Roddy Piper statue was there and then somebody broke the glass to enter the room. It was Becky Lynch.

Is it WWE’s way of saying that Becky Lynch “broke the glass ceiling.” It’s a term that is often used in wrestling when somebody gets elevated to that main event level, so that’s likely what they were going for.

I’m glad that Velveteen Dream was there as well because he’s a young guy with a bright future in WWE. Austin reacted to Lynch with a shocked look, then went up to somebody and said “sorry about your ceiling.” Then she took a bite out of a cookie and put it in Hulk Hogan’s glass.

Lynch stared at Roman Reigns, who handed her some champagne and said: “Nice work, man.” It fits since Becky Lynch is called “The Man” although non-wrestling fans will be confused by that. Highlights of the game were shown, then Lynch saidm “Step inside and be the man.” That was it.

It’s a very good commercial. Bringing in big names from the past was a smart idea while also focusing on Lynch and Reigns to end it because then it keeps the spotlight on current stars.

The scene reminded me a lot of the NFL 100 commercial that premiered at the Super Bowl in February this year where a bunch of current NFL stars were in a room with legends, which led to a football game breaking out. This video didn’t lead to a wrestling match taking place, but that’s what I thought might happen.

What WWE and 2k did here was still pretty cool. I thought they might utilize more current stars in the video like Seth Rollins, but they kept the focus on Reigns and Lynch.

We will more on the official announcement of WWE 2K20 tomorrow.