WWE News: Update on Recent WWE Injuries

Coming off the recent string of injuries in the WWE, we have updates on the conditions of Alicia Fox, Samir Singh, and Epico Colon.

First up, Alicia Fox suffered a broken tailbone that is expected to keep her out of action ring for the next couple of months, according to Mike Johnson at

The injury was sustained during an in-ring workout ahead of the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble Match last week which prevented her from making an appearance this past weekend. She was also removed as Goldust’s partner in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge with Mandy Rose replacing her.

Next, Samir Singh underwent successful surgery for a torn ACL last week, confirmed today. The injury occurred on the 1/16/17 edition of Smackdown during a post-match attack on Bobby Roode by the Singh Brothers when Samir went to exit the ring, with his brother Sunil noticeably assisting him up the ramp while Samir was unable to put weight on his leg. Big Cass is currently sidelined with the same injury, which has a 6-to-9 month expected recovery time.

Samir had confirmed the surgery via Instagram last week, as well as his road to recovery.

In a bit of surprise news, Epico Colon underwent successful shoulder surgery today, as first reported by Johnson and Epico has been absent from TV on Smackdown since last summer due to his partner Primo needing knee surgery, with Primo having returned to live events in October according to Dave Meltzer and More information in regards to the nature of Epico’s injury is expected as he begins rehabilitation.

Tommy’s Thoughts: Injuries suck, period. We all know this. None are worse than those to occur on the Road to WrestleMania. (Just ask Neville circa 2016 before he broke his ankle.)

Even though we would’ve been treated to them respectively being in the Women’s WrestleMania Cluster Match, accompanying Jinder Mahal for the Battle Royal, and First-or-Second Battle Royal Elimination, you can’t help but feel sorry. Especially when each injury had its own “worst case” scenarios: Alicia gets injured before the Women’s Rumble, Samir gets injured after Mahal returned for more than one Smackdown match a month, and Epico delays the return of the Colons to the point where I legitimately don’t know which one is which anymore. Honestly, I just assumed the same one got hurt again: and this is coming from probably the only advocated of The Shining Stars before they became timeshare salesmen. (Seriously: I swear they were heat magnets at house shows!!)

With the ever-changing landscape of the WWE, I hope we get to see all three in a WWE ring again someday. Considering Alicia Foxx is nearing a decade with the company, Epico’s perennial status as a tag team wrestler, and with Sumir Singh tied so closely to an Evil Foreigner storyline that has always had limited shelf-life: it would be a shame if the next step in their future endeavors didn’t involve WWE.

Especially Samir. There’s no denying that him and his brother’s combined efforts in Bumping Like Hell 101 were clearly the selling points for Jinder Mahal’s title, and this is coming from the preacher of all-things “Don’t Hinder Jinder” related. But it must be stated for the record: whether it was the extra bounce-and-flip off the announce table at Backlash that resembled his brother Sunil’s bump played in fast-forward motion, or the fall from the Punjabi Prison at Battleground, Samir has the raw potential to be an Indian Jeff Hardy when he comes back.

Either that, or he’s getting sentenced to 205 Live when he returns… That is, if Vince doesn’t throw the towel in first.

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