WWE News: Torrie Wilson Will Be Inducted into 2019 WWE Hall of Fame

Torrie Wilson will be joining the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame class. The news was officially announced today on ESPNW. We reported on Wilson in the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday after WrestleVotes noted that she was going to be inducted.

Wilson, who started in WCW in late 1999 as a model that suddenly became part of a big storyline, worked for the company until WWE bought WCW in March 2001. When the WWE purchase of WCW was official, Wilson started with WWE in the summer of 2001 and was with the company until 2008. Since then, she has made other appearances including as a participant in the 2018 women’s Royal Rumble and at the Raw 25 celebration in 2018.

Wilson is 43 years old. She never won a title in WWE, but she was one of the most popular women in the history of the company.

Here are some comments from Wilson from the ESPNW article:

“This feels like a sweet closure. Since I retired, so many people have asked me, ‘Do you feel bad you’ve never won a title?’ And I have always said no, because I felt like I got the value — even though it would have been nice [to win a title]. But being inducted into the Hall of Fame feels like a championship belt to me, because it really makes me feel appreciated.”

“It’s kind of crazy, I would almost want to throw up a lot of times when I walked out — I wasn’t sure of myself just yet. And there is nothing like pushing yourself in front of millions of people to figure it out, right?”

Wilson tweeted about it this afternoon.

Congrats to Torrie on the Hall of Fame induction. There will likely be a video package about her on Raw tonight.