WWE News on the “Top Guys” That May Have Attacked Enzo Amore on Raw

During this week’s edition of WWE Monday night Raw, Enzo Amore was attacked from behind and it wasn’t revealed who did it. Raw GM Kurt Angle said they would find out who did it and Big Cass, Enzo’s tag team partner, told Angle he better find out while making a threat that Cass would go after whoever it was.

While it wasn’t revealed on this week’s Raw, there was a moment on Raw that suggests who it might be.

During Sasha Banks’ interview with Charly Caruso, there was a shot of The Revival duo Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder walking in the background.

The Revival is not on television right now because Dash Wilder has been dealing with a broken jaw, but they should be back in action about one month. It would make sense to have them be the guys that attacked Enzo from behind because they are are a heel team while Enzo/Cass are a face team.

You can watch it below.