WWE News: Tom Phillips Moved to NXT UK Announce Team

There was a WWE NXT UK TV taping in Brentwood, England. They are taping today and tomorrow for future NXT UK shows on WWE Network. That’s what they do for NXT UK where they tape on back to back dates in order to fill up about two months worth of shows or sometimes less than that.

During the taping today, a photo was posted of WWE announcer Tom Phillips along with Nigel McGuinness as the commentary team. The photo was posted in a tweet by TJRWrestling reader Elliott Cantor. Phillips has replaced Vic Joseph, who is now the lead play by play announcer on Raw.

Phillips has been on several different WWE shows during his career with the company that started in 2012. His most recent high-profile role was as the lead play by play guy on Smackdown for the last two years. However, he was removed from that position because Michael Cole and Corey Graves are on Smackdown while Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin and Jerry Lawler are on Raw.

TJR Thoughts: Best of luck to Tom in his new role. At least it is a consistent, every week role. Obviously, NXT UK is not as high profile of a role as being on Smackdown, but it’s better than nothing. I thought Phillips was very good on Smackdown and I felt bad for him when the moves were announced. WWE must have felt like the right move was to freshen up both shows, so that’s what happened.